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Cambridge, Ontario

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At Grand River H.R. Solutions we have highly trained experienced professionals who ensure that the solution to your HR needs are implemented quickly and achieve the expected results.


Depending on the need of you business, Grand River H.R. Solution’s approach to HR consulting will benefit your business in many different ways.

At Grand River H.R. we handle what we do best, so you can get back to doing what you do best!

Your employees and managers will appreciate having anytime/anywhere access to HR support.


Our services will reduce conflict and risk of claims through building positive relations with employees.


Improving HR services will lead to a more efficient, more motivated workforce and this will lead to a rise in employee productivity.


We work with clients to fully understand their needs, and their companies culture to provide the best solution for them.


We are a cost effective alternative to adding in-house HR.


It will save your business time and money when HR issues are resolved quicker.